Does Social Selling Really Work?

The Social Media and Sales Quota Survey answers the big question everyone wants to know; 

"Does social media actually impact revenue?" 

The answer is a resounding, YES!

But, there is more...

The Social Media and Sales Quota Survey answers other pressing questions including: 

  1. Does using social media directly affect revenue?
  2. How pervasive is social media and social selling?
  3. Who (type of sales people) is using social media to sell? 
  4. Does social media improve quota attainment? 
  5. Do social media users out sell non-social media users 
  6. How long have sales people been using social media? 
  7. What social media sites do sales people use? 
  8. How do sales people use social media to sell? 
  9. How may deals does the average sales person sell using social media. 
. . . and more!